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Our Project Logistics service provides the ultimate support for your projects to ensure that it is delivered on time with exact specifications without delays. Experts in the field shall provide you with Specialised, Precise and Detailed planning to manage all materials and equipments as well as Inter-Modal Transportation for you.

We operate in a profound global network, especially in the Asia Pacific region, providing services for Energy related projects, Offshore support and Chemical products, ranging from Supply Chain Logistics needs to Marine and Safety Supplies.


Integrated project solutions features:

Project cargo management
Building and construction logistics
Odd size cargo and heavy lift
Charter vessels
Low bait haulage
Tri-axle haulage
Crane Lifting
Export Packing (Lashing / Crafting / Palletization)

Value-added solutions
Chemical solutions features:

ISO tank leasing (Liquified cargo / petrol chemical)
ISO tank Haulage
Build liquid transportation
Drill rig transportation
Hydraulic pump / machinery transportation
Marine supplies procurement features:
Ship spares (Engine deck / front deck)
Safety equipments