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We provide a wide array of warehousing and 3rd Party Logistics (3 PL) services with comprehensive facilities, experience and well trained crew of SCM, together with the Industry-Best-Practice to lower your cost for supply chain solutions.

By increasing our service value, we’ve built a strong alliance with many associates in the industry from different segments of the supply chain system. Together, we provide you with premium 3PL service for your cargo and still being cost efficient, ensuring that your cargos are stored in a safe, systematic, well-managed and controlled ambient.


Warehousing and storage agency features:

Contract storage (Contractual storage for long term cost efficiency)
ADHOC Storage (Weekly and daily storage space)
Customized / Storage space brokerage (Outsourcing on space according to your needs)

Inventory management features:

Stock control
Order processing
Pick and pack
Consolidation packaging (Packing your multiple purchase consolidation)
Direct-To-Store distribution (DTS) (Contractual distribution for suppliers to retailers)
Stuffing and unstuffing of containers

Insurance brokerage features:

Warehouse insurance
Cargo insurance